Tuesday, June 24, 2008


hiya everyone,

I've been meaning to share this precious bit of information that would actually be useful only for those who are living in New York (God bless 'em). but anyway, i found this website wunderbloc.com which has all the things you need to go on a shopping-venture around new york city :). It lists down all the boutiques and shops according to their neighborhoods, it even has a lookbook section and a sale section (wink wink).

Saturday, June 7, 2008

somebody get me a new camera, pretty pleaseee

source: lancephoto-com(ebay seller)
the title says it all, so, go ahead, don't be shy to spare some of your money to buy me a decent camera:)
and oh yea, one more, a polaroid too :)
seriously, who the *cupcake* decided to stop producing this most amazing device of all time??!!
ok, i have to stop all the rantings or people (if there's any) are gonna stop reading my blog :(

it gets sweeter as we get wiser :)

when: summer of 2007
where: SF, CA
why: because LOVE is the sweetest thing to blog about. okay, go ahead, find the nearest sink and puke to your heart's content. lol, but really. :)

Je m'appelle Ina :)

Source: Grace Hester Designs