Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doodle #1


What my s'mores doodled in his business class.

Nice color contrast and I love how the curves naturally flow.
The lines disintegrate, but everything comes off as a whole piece.
Wouldn't the world be an ideal place to live in if it worked the same way?

Thanks s'morsie for the picture!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do we have to always be "adjective"-ER than the others?

(Click on the image to view it in full size.)

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Situation #1
Person 1: I come from a not so well to do family, my dad's a contractor, and up to now, he has not procured any projects that could help our family going.
Person 2:Oh really, me too. My dad's no longer working, he worked as a salesman. The money was never enough for all of us.

Situation #2
Person 1: My face's oily, look at the pores, they're far from inconspicuous. And I wonder when will the acne leave me in peace? You face is perfect!
Person 2: No, it's not! Mine is oilier than yours! See, I have gigantic pimples too, here, here, and yea, here! See?

Are humans prepped to be insecure about themselves and to shut their eyes to the sufferings of others? We must all vow to not belittle others' life stories and to treat everyone as an individual, a unique entity, rather than someone who belongs in certain social groups that we have gradually built up and stratified in our minds. These schemata that we have, though they have indisputably assisted us in creating accommodating first impressions, have also significantly contributed to the extensive amount of hatred harbored in this world.
When a person regards you as a confidante, remind him/her that he/she is special, that his/her situations, no matter how trivial they may be, are of significant meaning to you. And then only you tactfully slip these magic words, "You are far more fortunate than more than 60%(however much you want it to be, depending on severity level of the situation:)) of people in the world".
Do it with subtleties, and you will be surprised with the end results.

This post was composed solely and merely to remind myself to not morph into an ingrate, which I tend to become when I do not get what I wish for. It is also to remind me that my outward actions are not the only major sense of my self-identity. That it is so much more than just that.

Signing off,
I love my life, I hope you do too :)

Source: United Colors of Benetton adverts compilation.